Like the plague: 3 players Arsenal should avoid at all cost

Like the plague: 3 players Arsenal should avoid at all cost

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Arsenal have been linked with a variety of different players entering the summer transfer window. But who are the players that they should avoid making the move for? Well, here are three.

Given the media hype that engulfs our transfer-obsessed minds, we, as fans, often think about who our respective clubs should sign. Rarely do fans think about players that our clubs shouldn’t sign. However, given the number of players the Gunners have been linked with already, there have been many that I think they shouldn’t sign. So, check the three players that I think Arsenal should avoid like the plague.

3. Ross Barkley

Everton’s Ross Barkley

When Ronald Koeman boldly declared that Ross Barkley had just 10 days to sign a new contract, with his current deal having just one more year left, there were few who believed he had the courage to ever fulfil the demands of the threat. Those who doubted him were proved right. However, that does not contradict the precarious situation that he now finds himself in at the Merseyside club.

Given the potential for a departure, the Gunners have been one destination that has been rumoured as a possible landing spot for the talented midfielder. However, while he may well be a talented player with clear attributed that make him an intriguing prospect, Barkley is not the type of player that Arsenal should be pursuing.

First and foremost, Barkley would only provide another problem for the likes of Aaron Ramsey, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Jack Wilshere in midfield areas.  But more than that, his poor decision making, his inconsistent first touch and lacking attitude make him a likely candidate to underwhelm as a result of an overinflated price tag. Barkley is a good player, but he is far from what they need.

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