Can Chelsea Escape?

Can Chelsea Escape?

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The Premier League has never failed to show its the most unpredictable league in Europe and even in the world. It is so unpredictable that a team topping the league till the final week of the season does not amount to winning it except the gap is enormous.

Liverpool had topped the league till the final weeks of 2013/2014 season but eventually lost it by two points to Man City. Around this stage last season and going towards the end of the first half of the season, Leicester City were in the 8th position but ended up becoming the champion, much to the surprise of the football world.

There has been many surprises already and frequent interchange at the top of the table. Man Utd were among the top four in the early weeks of the season but are now outside the top four, in the 6th position, Chelsea were not near the top four but are now leading the pack with 37 points which could increase to 40 following Arsenal loss at Everton and if they defeat Sunderland on Wednesday.

Liverpool had sit atop until the last tow weeks when they gifted Chelsea the opportunity to leapfrog them. Loss to Bournemouth and a draw with West Ham has seen them dropped to third.

Man City have lost consecutively to Chelsea and Champions Leicester City, and are currently fourth while Tottenham have lost two matches since losing their unbeaten run to Chelsea and next to Man United.

However, despite the heat felt by their title rivals Chelsea have remained untouchable. The Blues have gone nine matches unbeaten in the league, scoring 23 goals and conceding only twice. That could be extended to ten when they face Sunderland on Wednesday.

But can they escape the hoo-doo that has seen the lesser clubs taking points off the top clubs.

Antonio Conte’s men, after the Sunderland match, will travel to Crystal Palace while they welcome to Bournemouth and Stoke City to Stamford Bridge to round off their year.

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